Sports Hypnosis - Baseball

Ryan presented to my team of 40 players for about one hour. Throughout the presentation the players were constantly engaged. Ryan is very well spoken and presents in a way to keep the group involved. He catered the presentation to the players’ interests. Ryan walked the group through different visualization exercises using the players past experiences to overcome their fears and performance anxieties. Ryan linked those positive experiences to different sounds or habits the players could easily apply during a game. He also performed exercises to eliminate negative emotions involved in past performance.

After Ryan presented to my team we immediately began to play with more confidence and focus. The players were so excited to apply to skills they learned. The very next game we won our first game of the season. As a coach, I was able to use a quick cue to get the players focus back or to overcome a bad play.

I trust that if you decide to hire Ryan Mazurkivich for your needs, you will be very pleased. I can tell you from my experiences that Ryan is very professional, entertaining, and useful to improve performance. I will be happy to provide further information, if needed.

Jeff Farrell - Wilbur Cross High School

Physical Education Teacher, Varsity Baseball Coach, Athletic Facilitator

Healthy Living Hypnosis Testimonials

For the longest time I just couldn't get over the hump. One step forward, one step back. After the four Healthy Living Hypnosis sessions I'm at my lowest weight in 12 years! I am eating healither than ever! ~ Yvonne from Prospect

After trying several other methods to lose weight, hypnosis was the one tool that put me on the path to success. I still eat what I love, just less of it. I'm still losing weight and I feel great! ~ Lori from Watertown

Pain Management Testimonials

I never believed in hypnosis before but after injuring my rib I was looking for any way to handle the pain and thatis when i gave Ryan a call. I didn't think in my wildest dreams I could ever be hypnotized but I ended up really enjoying and believing in hypnosis. It's amazing my pain was reduced by 60% after just one session! Ryan was able to teach me tools for me to use long after the session to help reduce the pain. ~ Eric from Prospect

Quit Smoking Testimonials

I've smoked for 35 years and when faced with a life changing health issue I had to quit ASAP. It's amazing that after the first session ended I handed over my cigarettes to my kids and i had them destroy them and throw them in the garbage. It was one of the best moments for my family and for myself! ~ Joe from Prospect