Hypnosis and Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are a serious problem for millions of people in the US alone. Medical studies have proven that a lack of sleep can have serious health consequences. Obesity, heart disease, mental degeneration and other problems can all be attributed to a lack of sleep. Sleep is your body’s way of refreshing your body and your mind so when you go without sleep you will also have some psychological and emotional problems as well. Intense irritability, confusion, memory loss and other problems also can stem from long periods of interrupted sleep or insomnia.

Drugs can effectively treat some types of sleep disorders but there is always a risk of becoming addicted to prescription sleeping pills if you take medication. Many prescription sleeping pills also have a lot of strange and potentially dangerous side effects like suicidal thoughts, or sleepwalking, sleep driving, and other activities done in your sleep that might cause harm to you or someone else. Hypnosis is a wonderful treatment for sleep disorders because the use of deep relaxation functions as a treatment for the underlying cause of the sleep problems but as also as a respite from the symptoms.

When you sleep your body goes into a state of deep relaxation that’s not unlike hypnosis. So when a doctor puts you into a hypnotic state as a way to treat whatever is causing your sleep disorder, the doctor is also putting your mind and body into the kind of deeply relaxed state that your body and mind need in order to feel refreshed and function effectively. You will get immediate relief from the symptoms of your sleep disorder because you will come out of the hypnosis sessions feeling rejuvenated and calm and the hypnotic sessions that were planted in your subconscious will also be working to cure the underlying problem that is causing you to have trouble sleeping.

Sometimes there are physical conditions that cause sleeplessness that need to be diagnosed and treated with more traditional methods, but even if the cause of your sleeping problem is medical a few sessions of hypnosis can give your body and mind the refreshing break they need even if you can’t sleep. While your doctor works on curing the physical cause of your sleeping disorder you can go see a hypnotist a few times a week to relieve the irritability, fatigue and other symptoms that are caused by a chronic lack of sleep.

Using hypnosis as either a primary or a secondary treatment for common sleep disorders is done around the world, and has been proven successful in hundreds of studies that have been done trying to find the cause of sleep disturbances. Hypnosis has also been proven as a successful treatment for children that suffer from night terrors because the state of deep relaxation that they enter calms down their bodies and minds enough to sleep peacefully.

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