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Millions of people try to quit smoking every year and only about 30 -50% of them manage to quit. Studies have proven that trying to quit “cold turkey” usually fails but people are still often reluctant to try prescription stop-smoking drugs. Nicotine gum and the stop -smoking patches that are on the market can be very effective but they are also very expensive and so many people end up going back to smoking because it’s cheaper than staying on the nicotine gum or the stop smoking patches. So if you’ve struggled in the past with nicotine addiction or you know someone that has you should think about trying hypnosis to quit smoking.

The studies that have been done have shown that overall people who have used hypnosis to stop smoking have the same or higher success rates as people that use nicotine gum or stop smoking patches. The reason that using hypnosis to quit smoking is so effective is that hypnosis treats both the psychological and the physical need for cigarettes so you don’t end up having terrible cravings for nicotine that way that you would if you use nicotine gum or stop smoking patches.

Most addictions, including smoking, have both psychological and physical components. When you are addicted to nicotine your body has physical cravings for the nicotine but mentally you associate nicotine with stress relief, comfort, and everyday behaviors like having a cup of coffee or getting in your car. Smoking is as much of a habit as an addiction and breaking the habit of smoking a cigarette as well breaking the physical cravings for nicotine is what makes it so tough to quit smoking.

Hypnosis, unlike any other type of treatment, can treat all the causes of your cravings for cigarettes at once. By putting you into a deep hypnotic state and using hypnotic suggestions a trained hypnotist can get rid of the associations that you have with cigarettes so that you’ll be able to have a cup of coffee or start your car and not think about smoking.

A hypnotist can, in the same session, get rid of the underlying cause that makes you want to smoke like stress or a desire to be thin or even just the habit of smoking. A hypnotist can also give your body a different cue so that instead of craving cigarettes you will crave water or something else that is actually healthy for you. Some hypnotists can get rid of cravings all together so that in as little as one hypnosis session you could have no physical or mental desire to smoke at all.

Best of all since you’re eliminating your physical and psychological dependence on cigarettes you won’t feel the need to replace cigarettes with food so the chances are good that you’ll be able to stop smoking, permanently, and not gain ten or twenty pounds because you eat instead of smoke.

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