Hypnosis For Mangaging Pain

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain associated with conditions like Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. For people that have chronic disorders using drugs to treat the pain that they’re feeling is difficult because they can build up a tolerance to pain medication which might mean they have to switch to new pain medication often. Or, the drugs that they take to treat the pain might result in a host of other side effects that can negatively impact their lives. For some people pain relief drugs are just not effective and they end up suffering from the pain of their condition with no way to relieve it. Hypnosis can eliminate all those problems. Because hypnosis has no side effects it’s 100% safe, for everyone, no matter what their medical condition is and no matter what other drugs or supplements they are taking. Because hypnosis changes the way that the body perceived pain even people that don’t respond well to pain medication can see a decrease in their pain when they treat it with hypnosis. And because hypnosis treats both the body and mind it works on pain that doesn’t respond to medication, like the pain associated with Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia pain is notoriously difficult for doctors to treat because the pain is constant and diffuse, or all over the body, so ordinary pain management drugs don’t stop the pain. 

When hypnosis is used as a pain management or pain elimination technique the hypnotist will plant a hypnotic suggestion in the person’s subconscious mind that will lessen or eliminate the feel of the pain. The pain might still be there, but the brain won’t register it as intently so it won’t hurt as much. That way the person won’t assume there is no pain and go rushing off to do something that would injure themselves but they won’t be constantly suffering either. 

Hypnosis is also used to prevent pain from procedures that doctors and patients know are going to be painful. Having a patient put into a deeply hypnotic state before the treatment will make the person go into the treatment without the stress and anxiety of knowing that the treatment will hurt. That will make the treatment more effective as well as reduce the pain. Patients are often put in hypnotic states before childbirth in order to lessen the pain of the contractions, especially if an epidural is not a good idea because of the health of the mother.

People who suffer from addictions and can’t be given pain medication are using hypnosis more and more often as a way to deal with pain that they can’t be given drugs for. As prescription pain medication addiction becomes more and more common many hospitals are hiring hypnotists to be on hand when patients need to undergo painful treatments so that if the patient wishes not to have medication they don’t have to suffer through a painful procedure with no pain buffer at all.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, or other extremely painful treatments may choose to be put into a hypnotic state before the procedure so that after the procedure they aren’t suffering so greatly from pain. If you are scheduled to go in for a painful treatment of a condition that you have already been diagnosed with, talk to your doctor about getting a little hypnosis first as a way to reduce the pain. 


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